Beats and Rhythms

Jason Konyu

Jason has been a Physician Assistant-Certified for over 12 years. In the last 10 years, he has been working at Northwest Heart and Lung Surgical Associates, with the last 8 years directly working with the congenital and pediatric patients of our group. It is his true passion in my practice of medicine. There is nothing like giving opportunity and possibilities to someone, particularly a child. Beats and Rhythms is the embodiment of that ideal.

About Us

Kathryn Lowderback

Kathryn has been involved with Beats and Rhythms for about 6 years. She originally got involved in the organization when she was a floor nurse in Pediatrics. She loves taking care of the cardiac population and had heard how much fun camp was. Since she started with Beats and Rhythms, she has spent two years at camp, one year helping out with the website, one year in charge of fundraising, and now she serves on the board. I continue to stay involved because she loves the kids and their families. 

Pamela Burg

Pamela is a practicing Pediatric Cardiologist in Spokane since 2000.  Her emphasis is on echo and noninvasive imaging. With her extensive background knowledge in Pediatric Cardiology, she realized that taking good care of children affected by CHD did not just involve surgical planning and administering medications.  It also involved looking out for the overall well being of children.  She believes that Beats and Rhythms camp is a place where all are encouraged to do what they can where they can meet other kids who have had similar experiences.

Nancy James

Nancy has had the privilege to work at Providence Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital for over 22 years. During that time, she has often witnessed children, born with a congenital heart defect fight for their life. Their courage and resilience is inspiring. When the opportunity to serve on the board arose, she immediately jumped at the chance. In addition to serving as Beats and Rhythm’s secretary, she attends camp each summer, providing age appropriate nutrition education, thematic cookbooks and assisting with activities. 

Hrair Garabedian

Hrair has been in practice of pediatric cardiology, and noticed the opportunity for the children with congenital heart defect to experience how to be treated and act like normal child.  In 2002, BNR was formed and he was involved in the development of the organization and the camp. It has been a very fulfilling, rewarding, and educational experience.

Elke Mandrell

Elke has been involved with Beats and Rhythms, Inc since 2007 when she was recruited as an Activity Coordinator for the 2nd camp.  After that first experience she had such fun and saw what a positive experience it was for the campers that she knew she was hooked.  Every year at camp she see kids make friends and gain confidence by challenging themselves both mentally and physically. Elke is so proud of each and every one of them.  It is a lot of hard work but it is, more than anything, a labor of love. 

History of Beats and Rhythms:

Beats and Rhythms was established and encorporated as a 501c3
non-profit organization in 2002.  This was accomplished under the
direction of the mother of a child with congenital heart disease,
Brenda Corsaro.  She began the organization with an emphasis on
support and education for teens and their families.  
In 2008, another mom of a child with CHD spear headed the
organization and implemented the first camp designed for children
with CHD in the area.  Special thanks to Michelle Jones for this
“ground breaking” work.  Now Beats and Rhythms Cardiac Camp is an annual event.

2008 Riverview Camp Cusick, WA
2009 Riverview Camp Cusick, WA
2010 Lutherhaven Couer d‘Alene,  ID
2011  Camp Gifford Deer Lake, WA
2012 Camp Gifford Deer Lake, WA

  Since its inception, Beats and Rhythms has been a totally volunteer
organization.  All donations and proceeds from fundraising are used
to directly serve our patients and families. 

Beth Dullanty Connors

Beth has been involved with Beats and Rhythms since its inception in 2002. As a Registered Nurse, she has worked in Pediatrics caring for children and families for her entire career.  Since 2002, she has had the privilege and honor of serving as the inpatient cardiac coordinator at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center. She loves caring for children and families and hopes to make a difference in their hospital experience.  She loves to see many children grow up and reach adulthood despite their condition.

Molly Nave

Beats and Rhythms is very dear to Molly’s heart.  She was a Congenital Heart Disease Patient and one of her children has CHD. She got involved with BNR as part of the support group. Later, she joined the board because she felt that she had experience to contribute from the point of view of the community BNR is serving. She is so proud to be a part of Beats and Rhythms because there is nothing else like it in the Inland Northwest and we continue to impact the lives of CHD families.

​The Board