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Cardiac Care Bags

Heart to Heart

Cardiac Connections

Beats and Rhythms provides many support groups for families and friends in the community that have been affected by Congenital Heart Disease.

Years of advancement in congenital cardiac care has resulted in more adults than children living with congenital heart disease. We offer a bimonthly support group for patients ages 18+ and their support people. Our support group meets on the 3rd Tuesday of even numbered months in the Garabedian Classroom on the 4th floor of the Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital. Each meeting begins with a webinar on an ACHD topic followed by group discussion. Refreshments provided.

Heart to heart mentoring involves a one to one parent relationship. New parents that have had their children diagnosed for the first time will be paired with a specially trained parent that has gone through a similar experience. This is an enriching experience.

ACHD Support Group

Cardiac Kids is a support group for kids that are in school.  These groups range from grades one to twelve.  Kids will be involved in fun activities where they bond. Kids are guaranteed to meet other people that have shared experiences.

Cardiac Kids

Cardiac Care Bags are special care packages put together and supported by our parent mentors and gracious volunteers in our community. They are presented by a mentor to patients and families when they are in the hospital for cardiac surgery.

Attention ​Teens 13-18 years old!

Welcome to UPBEATS, the Beats and Rhythms teen only support group. This bi-monthly group will be doing cool things that YOU want to do. Hiking? Bike rides? Painting? Game night? You get to choose!